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3D Covers Extreme 1.5

Create professional 3D product-cover graphics in less than one minute
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Professional e-covers make your site and your product look trustworthy. They give the perception that your product and company are of expert-quality. They increase your sales and downloads. Extreme 3D eCovers program lets authors, developers and designers create professional 3D product-cover graphics in less than one minute-and with just a few mouse clicks.
Extreme 3D eCovers includes a comprehensive gallery of pre-illustrated, specially prepared templates for just about any online product you can imagine. Great for creating your very own e-covers, e-zines, special reports, boxes, CD’s, DVD’s, PDA’s, computer monitors, and more, fast, easy and fun.
Extreme 3D Ecovers Creator is the “Silver Bullet” that you need to take your online business to the next level of success and have the professional and quality 3D ecovers that not only impresses visitors to your website, but also entices them to buy, which equals fast and easy profits for you.
Instantly Increase the Sales and Downloads of any Digital Product

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